Enrique Borredá López

Certified Spinologist, Prinicpal

Enrique Borredá finds out about the concept of spinal maintenance from a couple of straight DCs in 1976. He decides to change the course of his life by going to Philadelphia in 1979 to study Spinology. He opens the first Spinology Center in Valencia, Spain, in 1981, where he continues to practice.

In 1985 he starts the school of Spinology in Spain (the European Spinology Tutorium), with extensions currently in Ireland, Argentina and soon in the United Kingdom. He teaches Spinology classes ever since. He is the author of the book Spinology, the book


First Spinologist in Europe, second in the world.


German School of Valencia and Faculty of Law of Valencia

Academic Training

Courses and Work Experience

Courses and Work Experience

Múltiples apariciones en medios de comunicación (TV, radio, prensa) de toda España.

Múltiples conferencias y seminarios en diferentes ciudades de España, Alemania, Argentina e Irlanda.

Ponente en Congresos, tanto en España como en Alemania, Irlanda y Argentina.

Relación de seminarios impartidos en Alemania

Other Formations

Acon College

1999- Jahrestagung Kassel : Palpación muscular dinámica de la zona cervical / 3 Tage

2003- ChiroTag Köln: Técnica de Cervicales desde la perspectiva de la Spinología / 3 Tage

2004- Jahrestagung Göttingen: Integrative Spinal Adjustment Techniques / 2 Tage

2009- Senior Students Seminar Bochum: Upper Cervicals Technique / Thumb Move and Lower Cervicals / 5 Tage

2014- Jahrestagung Bad Kissingen, OOA und HWS / 2 Tage

2017- Jahrestagung Bad Kissingen, Behandlung des Zervikothorakalen Übergangs / 2 Tage

Werner Pepper Chiropraktik Akademie ZIFF

2005- Essen: The Neck under the Straight Chiropractic Perspective / 3 Tage

2006- Essen: The Spine as a Team / 3 Tage

2007- Chiropractic / Spinology Pediatrics / 3 Tage

2008- Review for Senior Students on Chiropraktik, cervical techniques / 3 Tage

Reha-Med Nürenberg

2008- Upper Cervical Technique / 3 Tage

2009- Review of Upper Cervicals and Lower Cervicals Techniques / 3 Tage

2013- Upper Cervical Spinology Technique / 3 Tage

2017- Wirbelanpassungstechniken für die gesamte Wirbelsäule / 3 Tage

4Life Chiropraktik Zentrum Göttingen

2016- Spinology Master Kursus, Göttingen / 4 Tage