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The International Spinology School

Spinology, an outstanding profession dedicated to helping people live their lives at their full potential

2nd Spinology course in October 2024

Wales, UK

3rd Spinology course in September 2024.


Certified Spinologist Diploma

Spinology is a profession designed specifically to assist the body to function and perform at its optimum.

Master in Spinology for DCs

Spinology is a classical technique used by Reggie Gold in chiropractic's golden age, before the complexities of insurance.

Optimizing Spinology Seminars

Offers regular seminars for every Spinologist to help optimize their Spinology practice and to provide constant support.

Spinology Conventions

The holding of Spinology conventions takes place biannually. It is an opportunity for enrichment and fraternity among colleagues around the world.

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At European Spinology Tutorium we are convinced that a person’s persistence and strength of character are the most effective measures for him or her to succeed in the field of Spinology.

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We have a team of highly qualified professionals

Online Community

An comunidad dedicated to helping people

Certified Courses

Internationally certified courses

Our Facilities

We have specially prepared facilities facilities enabled to facilitate the courses. A place to be at ease and in tranquility.


Spinology is a vitalistic profession that exists to contribute to creating a better world. The effect of Spinology is like that of the ripples on a pond having raindrops fall on it. The drops are subtle but their reach enormous.

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